Hi everyone!  I love these inexpensive and super simple embroidery hoop wreaths! 

Embroidery hoop wreaths have been very popular this year, and every time I see one, I always love it. There’s just something so pretty and simplistic about the hoops that draw me in and make me want to give it a try. So, I did! I hopped online and ordered the supplies, and in about a week, I was set. You could most certainly go to any multi-purpose store, or to a craft store and obtain everything that you need, but I’m an online kind of girl. Everything I ordered was from Hobby Lobby, and they’re a little slower in shipping than some other stores, so I had to wait a few extra days. I made eight of these wreaths, and it cost me less than $20. I’d say that is a definite bargain!

Let me show you how easy these wreaths are to make!







Snip off pieces of the garland. I used eucalyptus garland, but any foliage that you find pretty would work great as well. I chose the eucalyptus garland because I knew it would be easy to snip pieces off of, and that would make it significantly cheaper than buying individual pieces of foliage. I used wire snips, which are easy to find in any hardware store or in the floral section of a craft store.

Snip off pieces of berries where the stem meets the stalk. I chose the neutral color because I knew it would work well with my existing color schemes. Red berries would also be gorgeous in a Christmas wreath.

Attach eucalyptus and berries together onto the hoop with jute cord. I tied the cord at the end in a knot.

Attach a bow if you’d like, or leave it as is without a bow. Both are equally pretty.




I’d love it if you pinned it! Hope you’re all having a happy holiday season.

<3 Michelle


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