DIY Magnolia Wreath for Everyday Decorating

Magnolia wreaths are so pretty and popular! They’re also quite pricey. Make your own! 


This isn’t perhaps the highly sought after magnolia wreath that you’ll find with all things farmhouse, but this wreath suits me perfectly! You probably already own a grapevine wreath, but if you do not, they generally cost next to nothing. You can find them at walmart, target, any craft store, etc. If you know a friend who grows any variety of grapes, ask them for some vines!

These wreaths are so easy to make. All you need to do is clip some magnolia stems and tuck them inside the vines from the back of the wreath. Pull the leaves through the wreath to the front. Add a ribbon if you’re feeling fancy. 🙂 

A few tips on bringing magnolia leaves into your home:

Make sure you’re not bringing any bugs with you on the leaves. I can’t clip a magnolia stem without getting a daddy long legs on me! It always scares me at first, and then I just laugh because they’re harmless.  Even still, you probably don’t want them in your home. 😉

I find that clipped magnolia stems will last for weeks inside. There are quite a few ways of preserving magnolia leaves if you do a quick search. As for me, however, I don’t bother with preserving them for a wreath like this one. That amount of time and energy tends to lend itself to the “pin this” category that never actually corresponds with “make this” category.


I always strive to present you with crafts and DIY projects that you’ll actually make and do! I hope you enjoy your magnolia wreath! 🙂


Grab some greenery from around your yard or neighborhood and gather them together in a basket. Adorable! Doesn’t that make a cute porch display? My kids loved gathering up berries and clippings while we took a walk. I wish I had taken my camera with me to capture their faces!

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