Did you know that you can spray paint basically anything? Well, you can. And I did! I spray painted the ceiling fan on my porch while it was STILL ATTACHED. Amazing difference!


I was sitting outside with my kiddos a few weeks ago, and I realized that the ceiling fan was just gross. I’m not the best at cleaning ceiling fans (ewwwww, I know), and a white outdoor ceiling fan was just asking for trouble. I could have probably cleaned it every single day and it would still be dirty. Good ol’ Georgia clay! But let’s be honest here – who has time for all that cleaning? Not me.

So I thought, “Hmmm, I bet I could spray paint it.” And that’s exactly what I did, and I spray painted the fan WHILE IT WAS STILL ATTACHED. Yep, the electricity was still on, the fan was still hanging, and it is still working great afterward being spray painted! Is this the best way to spray paint your ceiling fan? Well, no. Probably not. Anyone who works with small motors will tell you that this project has some risks. You probably should turn off the power, take the fan down, and paint the fan.

However, I am always up for a quick change and a challenge. Who is with me?

Tape off your light or remove it completely if possible. It was easier for me to just tape over it.

Eww. Man, that fan was gross. Thank goodness for a $4 can of spray paint.

I certainly didn’t want to mess up my blue ceiling, so you’ll need to tape that off as well. I used painter’s tape for this, and it took about 15 minutes. This part took up the most time!


Spray paint!

Wait for the paint to completely dry, then remove your paper and tape. You’re done!



Here’s the whole side porch. The fan looks so much better, don’t you think? You can read up on the fall porch ideas here.


Some shopping? I used this brand of spray paint:


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