The porch is ready, the leaves are somehow turning, and yet it’s still blazing hot in Georgia. Well, chilly pumpkin-spice weather or not, the porch is ready. I repeat, the porch is READY! It is my favorite place to change up a few times a year.

I love a cinderella pumpkin. Or three. (Or a million.)

“Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for one another.” -Mr. Knightley in Emma, an adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen.

I love that picture, and that quote. I have said it over and over again, but I’ll say it again for anyone who might be new. I find comfort in imperfections. I find comfort in this crooked front door. Yep, it’s the door that is crooked and not the picture. Isn’t that funny? You have to love old houses to find that comment amusing. I’m sure we will fix it one day. 🙂


Oh, sweet porch. This is where we spend so much of our time. We painted the concrete this past spring, painted the ceiling, and built the shutters. All of those projects were really quite simple, and made such a big impact. But even before those projects, I loved the porch.

I’ve never once met a porch that disagreed with me.


It is easy to look at this picture and point out all the imperfections. But, the pure joy that I have being on my porch with my family means more to me than the stress of perfection.

Our oldest child is a perfectionist. I’m only a perfectionist in the sense that I like to feel accomplished. But my child, oh, he is a true and true perfectionist. He refused to read until he was almost 9 years old because he could not bear to mispronounce a word. Thank goodness he grew out of that. Sometimes I feel as if we miss out on opportunities because of the fear of the end result not being perfect, or of the perception of the end result not being perfect.


This is a more day to day look for the porch. Toys, no pillows, no rug. I bought the rug for the porch, but I ended up loving it so much it’s now in my dining room. These metal tonka trucks make the best gifts for little kids!

Blankets with tassels have been all over social media, and you see more of them in the next few years. I wanted one that was inexpensive, and could easily be washed at home. I made mine for about $10, and you can find that tutorial here.

I love a ticking stripe fabric! Pillows, curtains, bedding, ANYTHING. Maybe it’s all that time around the Navy? Did you know the Navy uses a ticking stripe fabric on the mattress and pillows on a ship? That shelving unit on the porch is worn slap out. In fact, it’s not even outdoor furniture. But it fits so well right there, and it holds all of my outdoor junk. Everyone has outdoor junk… right? Mine consists of bug spray, the bubble blower, some potting tools, etc.

I have always believed in real life pictures, and I certainly hope that I portray that in everything that I post, BUT at the same time I think it’s certainly okay to hide your junk. And in this case, it’s hidden by a pretty ticking stripe curtain. The fabric came from Amazon.


Oh, isn’t that “hello FALL” sign adorable? That was made locally by Whole Heart Designs. This door leads into the mudroom, and the address sign was also a fun and easy project! The laundry room renovation wasn’t exactly an easy project, but if you love before and after pics, you can find that renovation process here.

One of the boys ran his bike into a clay pot and broke it right in two. I thought the pot still looked adorable on it’s side.

There’s always time for chats on the porch. I’ll supply the drinks, cookies, and the bug spray. (I do have the most amazing bug spray recipe if you’re looking for one.) This sign was fun to make, and I love the quirkiness of it. I thought that the words being all wonky would bother me, but I actually love it exactly as it is. It’s always nice to feel welcomed, and I tend to feel welcome in a place that is a little uneven and maybe just a little bit off kilter.

This sign was made over the course of a few days while sitting outside with the boys. It was beautiful last week here in Georgia. This week, well, not so much. It was blazing hot today with a heat index of 95. YES. Ninety-five in the second week of October. Whole lot of nope in that sentence right there. I’ll have that tutorial up soon, and I’ll update this post!

This sweet little table was quite a steal at a local store, and I thought it was the perfect size for the porch. And it already came painted! Total win win!

Bought these sweet flowers from the store, and plopped them right down on the porch. Let’s be honest here: mums die every year if you don’t plant them in the middle of the summer. Most years I’ll spray paint the containers antique brown if they don’t coordinate well, but this year I just wanted to keep the color of the pot in which it grew. It’s adorable and totally fine just as is! If you have a million pots and have the time, sure, go ahead and repot mums in something cute. This year I went for color, fun, and ease.

The sun sets on the opposite end of the house, and the porch is perfect in the evenings. I hope you enjoyed the porch tour, and were able to get a few ideas for your own porch!

Oh, one last tip: maybe don’t use hay on your porch if you live in a rural area….


Want to see what else I’m working on? The kitchen! The kitchen is nearly done, and hallelujah for that! I’m waiting on the lighting to be installed, and a tiny bit of painting, and that will be it!


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