Blanket Scarf Wreath – Perfect for Fall!

Hi friends! Try this blanket scarf wreath if you’re looking for something easy, minimal, and adorable!

I had this wreath last fall, and I just loved it! You can use almost any scarf, but a blanket scarf is easier because of the excess fabric. You can find blanket scarves online for around $10 these days. You do NOT want to know how much I paid for mine during the 2014 craze. They’re still lovely scarves, but I just don’t have as much of a need for scarves as I did when we lived in Virginia. Although, looking at how inexpensive they are now, I might just pick up a few more just in case it ever decides to get cold. 😉

Directions are so easy that it is almost embarrassing to tell you!

All you have to do is wrap the scarf around the wreath and tuck the ends under. That’s it.

Isn’t this old farmhouse door a beauty? It’s original to our house, and I just LOVE it. I’m always tempted to paint it, but there’s another door catty corner to it that is already a gorgeous color blue. I never know what to do in that space. Decisions, decisions, I know. What do you think?


Here’s another way to wrap it – just pull out a few pieces of fabric at the bottom to create a bow.

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