Five Truths About Working for a MLM: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Five truths about working for a MLM: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Read on!

Let me start this post by saying that I’m a positive person, and this post will only be positive. Negative aspects will be addressed in a positive manner.

There will be NO bashing or singling out of any particular company. 

If you’ve never worked for a MLM, let me explain some terminology for you. MLM is an abbreviation for Multi-Level Marketing. It is often what people refer to as a “pyramid scheme” where a few leaders are at the top, and the workers are at the bottom. Truthfully, when you look at how MLM companies (and every single corporate company) operate, this is true. There are a few leaders at the top, and more workers at the bottom.  HOWEVER, it is not a pyramid scheme in which you lose all of your money and get nothing in return. You’re going to get products for your money. This is the 21st century, and not some flip flop/wine/secret sister scheme where you send out one gift and get six in return. (Please, for the love of everything you consider holy, do NOT participate in those. It’s a scam, folks. Do the math!) I’m talking about legitimate companies that are selling you a product, and their marketing strategy and business model are based on a MLM platform.

Basically, every friend you have selling their products on social media work for some sort of MLM.

Having said all of that, I’m going to jump in!


1. If you’re an introvert, these type of jobs are great for you. 

A super common question is, “Will I have to go to the homes of strangers?” Well, that highly depends on the type of company you are representing. You can absolutely do the majority of the work in your own home, but you are not likely to be very successful unless you break out of your comfort zone a little bit. Going to the home of a total stranger is really quite rare these days. You’ll have at least met on social media somewhere, or through a mutual friend. Most of the modern companies require no stock to be purchased and stored in your own home, and the customers place orders themselves through a link you provide, or they order directly from you and it is shipped to their home. There are some exceptions to this, but generally speaking, the company ships their products directly to your customer. You can do a majority of your work from behind your phone, laptop, or home computer. That’s an absolute bonus for people who have complicated schedules, other full time jobs, or who simply want to be at home more.


2. Your social circle will expand. 

Maybe you’re the type of person who naturally has a million friends, and maybe you’re the type of person who would love to have a million friends. Either way, your social circle is going to expand. When you join a MLM company, you will meet tons of people within the company. This is the same as any regular job. The difference is that the people within a MLM want to help you succeed, and by doing so, they will want to find out more about you to help you with your particular goals. This isn’t to say that the typical 9-5 job cares nothing for you – that isn’t true at all. It is just that within MLM companies, you’re selling a product that is somewhat specific. You’re not MAKING the product, which is more typical of a 9-5 type job. You’re more likely to know the top leaders in a more personal way, and they’re not your “boss” as each person within a MLM is their own boss. The top leaders and every step up to the top are there to help you succeed, and let’s be perfectly truthful – your numbers are their numbers. You are helping them succeed, and they are providing the support to help YOU succeed.


3. You will become the equivalent of a prosperity preacher to all of your friends on social media.

Hmmmm, well, what do you mean by that, crazy DIY home blog lady? Well, this is what I mean: you might never, ever, ever post anything on your social media about how much money you could potentially make, but practically *every*single*one* of your other MLM friends have posted something about how they bought their new car, or their new home, or went on this fabulous vacation because of the income they made from their MLM company. You will absolutely be lumped in with every single one of those people, and almost immediately. I’m ecstatic for anyone who is wildly successful, and I am super proud of their accomplishments. Most of these people genuinely want you to have everything they have achieved, and usually come from the most modest and humble beginnings. Usually they have no experience in business, and yet, they’re making 6 figures a year (or more.) “You can do it, too! The blessings can be yours!” Well, yes, and no. It can absolutely be yours, but for the VAST majority of people, you will not become a millionaire. You can definitely earn an income, however. The general point though is that you will then become “one of them” to many of your friends on social media, and in real life. Would I use this reason to stay away from a MLM? Well, no. You just have to remember to stay classy when you post on social media.

You Stay Classy, San Diego. 

If you haven’t seen Anchorman, please stop reading this and go watch it. (Not Anchorman 2. Why do they make sequels?)


4. You will be your best customer. 

Above all, you must LOVE what you are selling and representing. If you do not love your products, you absolutely will not be successful. This isn’t to say that you have to agree with every single aspect of the company, or love every single product. Each company will have a ton of products that they offer their customers to purchase, and surely you can focus on the products that you do love and use. If you are actively looking to make some extra income and are thinking of selling a product, think of what you actually love to use and could see others needing the same product. If you love lipstick and have a million pictures on social media where people constantly comment on your makeup, a company that sells makeup would be a great fit for you. Could your friends just go out and buy something from the counter? Well, sure. But if you’re constantly giving out referrals for another company and making not a dime from it, why not just sell it yourself? Your own orders each month will probably rank amongst the highest of all the sales you complete each month. Love what you sell, or don’t sell it.


5. Timing can play a big role in your success. 

I’ll probably get hate mail for this comment, but I have to be honest with all of you. Timing DOES matter. There are lots of worker bees, and where you land in the enrollment process is largely up to timing, and just sheer luck a majority of the time. Do we all know the one person who has been incredibly successful, and was given literally no help from almost anyone? Sure. It does happen. It is the equivalent to the $1,000 scratch off. It absolutely does happen. Is it common? No. Is it as uncommon as winning the entire lottery? Well, no, it’s not THAT uncommon because even though you might have won that $1,000 scratch off, you still have to WORK to win the lottery. Is it helpful to win the scratch off to propel yourself to winning the lottery? Absolutely. YES! You can be successful, but it is much, much easier if you have some help in the process. And what I mean by help is by enrolling under some very successful people, and by enrolling your own very successful people. Do you know who is going to be successful just by knowing them? Not really. Not at all. Is it helpful if you enroll or sell products to social media gurus? Umm, well, of course. Does this mean that you can bombard your popular friends with random messages trying to sell your products? Ew, no. Don’t do that. It literally never, ever works.

And an extra:

Just have some fun with it! If you truly enjoy whatever it is you’re selling, then ENJOY IT. Don’t let the negatives outweigh the positives. It’s supposed to be fun, and if it isn’t, don’t do it!




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