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Need a new house sign? We certainly did! We went for about a year without numbers on our house. One of the great aspects about living in a small town is that you still get your mail and boxes even without a number on your house! God bless the USPS/UPS/Fedex because they’ve never failed us even though we clearly failed them by not having numbers on our house. (Or our mailbox! What in the heck is wrong with us?) 😉

This is the easiest project in the existence of all DIY projects. I promise you.


1. Buy your numbers. (Mine came from Home Depot.)

2. Buy your wood plank sign. (Mine came from Target.)

3. Attach the numbers. Screw, glue, or stick the numbers on the hanging wood plank sign. Mine are glued on with Gorilla Glue. This step will vary depending on what kind of numbers you get. Almost any kind of number can be glued on, and generally this is the easiest method.


It’s seriously that easy! There are a ton of cute ways online to make an address sign. I have lots of them pinned! But the problem in the end was that I never actually *did* any of them. Who else has this problem sometimes? Glueing numbers to a store bought sign is a piece of cake. 🙂


Here is a similar hanging wood sign:



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