Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

I love a blue porch ceiling! It’s always fun to do something different with color, and blue is such a natural color for an outdoor ceiling. There is actually a long history of porch ceilings being painted blue, and it is traditionally called “Haint Blue.” There are some interesting theories involving the haint blue ceiling, and I encourage you to google it if you’re at all inclined to reading about warding off evil spirits. I mostly giggled about that theory, but hey, to each his own. Another theory is that a blue ceiling will ward off mosquitoes, and I will do almost anything to ward off a single bug.

Any light colored blue ceiling falls within the haint blue category, but my ceiling in particular is Sherwin Williams Watery in High Gloss.


Quite a bit of the wood needs to be replaced, and I’m sure we will get to that project one day. I figured that I would only be out $28 and two hours if and when we go to replace it. Well worth it to me! 🙂

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