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I like to sip sweet tea in the mornings, and a margarita in the evenings on a hot summer day while watching my children play and be ridiculous with each other. “Be careful” really has no meaning to a child, and truth be told, I don’t necessarily want them to be careful anyway. I want them run like the wind and roll those big wheels as fast as they can down the hill because childhood is short.

And also, finding a big wheel for an adult is not as easy as you’d think. Trust me, I’ve looked.

So this tea sipping happens on the porch most of the time. I thought it was high time for a porch makeover.

Meet the new porch.


Front porches, back porches, side porches, roof porches, fancy porches, small porches… they all hold the same place of love in my heart. I never met a porch that I disliked. Some of my favorite pictures in my life have been taken on a porch. When taking family photos, I always want them taken on the porch because that is where we spend so much of our time. I always find tremendous joy looking back at old pictures that were taken on the porch.

If your porch nearly 80 years old like mine or 8 years old, chances are likely that it could use some paint or stain. My porch is cement, so painting was the route for us.


It really was super easy, and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting an inexpensive way to make a dramatic impact. If you have decent weather and painting equipment (roller… paint brush…), you can do this!

You can find the shutter tutorial here if you’d like more info: 


I used Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint in Slate Gray Low-Lustre Finish, and used Behr 436 Multi Surface Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer beforehand. (I have also used Valspar Light Gray Satin Interior/Exterior Porch and Floor Paint with great success.)

Your porch size will determine how much paint you should purchase. I had to purchase three gallons of paint, and two gallons of primer. It is difficult to tell by the photos, but my porch is rather wide and wraps around two sides of the house. Pick a time when no rain is in your future, and get to painting! The primer dries extremely fast in warm months, so you can expect to complete two coats of primer in one afternoon. It took about three days for the project to be completely finished, but if you were otherwise not busy, it would take about two days to completely dry and cure in warm weather. Painting the floor is as easy as painting walls. I used a paintbrush for the edges, and a roller for the rest. Use a roller designed for uneven and rough surfaces. Do not paint your porch if you are expecting rain before the paint will dry. 


Want some other easy ideas?


1. Add some plants! This cutie is called a Stonecrop, and is really quite easy to keep alive. Be realistic in how much sun your plants will receive – if you live in the South, and your plants say part-sun, you can just assume that practically means in the shade. 😉 Well,  maybe not quite that extreme, but full sun doesn’t mean direct sun for 8 hours of the day. You’ll struggle to keep them alive.

2. Buy cute hats and use them in your decor. Why not, right? I rarely bother with outdoor pillows. Let’s be honest for a minute- they get gross no matter what you do to them, and I’m convinced that something is crawling on me when I have an outdoor pillow behind me. Maybe that’s just me? I do love a good throw pillow, but I’m just at the point in my life where I don’t want to pick up anything else that my boys will just toss to the ground. We USE our porch, and when I say use, I really mean abuse. We have snacks, meals, and parties out there and it’s usually a mess. Why not make it a cute mess? 🙂


3. Use watering cans as decor. This one was actually borrowed from my Mom next door for this picture, but I’ve already ordered one for myself. I’ve been jealous of hers for weeks. I can’t wait until it’s old and has that beautiful patina on it. You know you love farmhouse decor when you want to buy something useful and wait for it to rust. That’s genuine farmhouse style right there, y’all. I eat that up!

I hope this inspires you to paint your own porch!


As much as a I love a pretty picture, and love to make my porch pretty, I also love spending time with my family and making memories. Beautiful things are just that – things. They’ll never take the place of moments spent with each other enjoying whatever it is you do on your porch. Porch time is always the best time.

I think a world of hurt could be solved with more porch sitting.


…like lounging with your favorite 16lb Maine Coon.

…or taking a break from working in the yard.

…or just sitting pretty. This is the equivalent of the modern day blogger picture, I’d say.


It’s 4pm, and my tea is calling.

:), Michelle



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