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Hi there! Have you seen the fiddle fig leaf tree yet? They’re all over the place on Pinterest, blogs, and basically any social media platform. I’ve been seeing them for years, and yet I NEVER see them for sale. Where are all the people getting their fiddle fig leaf trees? Is it some fancy blogger secret? I’m not sure if it’s a secret or not, but I’m about to let the tree out of the bag with this one: AMAZON.


Yep, you can actually buy plants on Amazon. Who knew? (Even succulents!)

I opened the box and plopped it right on down on my bench. One day I’ll get a cute container for it, but truthfully, I think it looks just fine the way it is. 😉 I do recommend giving the plant a thorough watering as it *did* just get shipped in the mail, and it will be thirsty. Fiddle leaf fig trees enjoy bright indoor light, but not direct light. The plant I ordered comes with two fiddle fig leaf stalks, and you’re welcomed and encouraged to separate them. I’m not sure that all retailers will send two of them – click HERE –> Ficus Pandurata in Pot to buy from the Amazon retailer from which I purchased my plant. I highly recommend them!

Let me show you how the plant is packaged and how it looks when it arrives at your door.

The box is designed with “holes” on the side to help the plant stay alive and healthy. That isn’t just a rip in the box- it is intentionally there.

This is the top view of the plant, and you can see that it is wrapped in paper.

Arrived in beautiful condition! The leaves are in an upward position, but not at all damaged or broken. They dropped to a normal position once watered and allowed to sit for a few hours.

Very healthy leaves!

A few of the reviewers did mention that dirt had collected on the leaves. Yes, I agree with them – some dirt DOES gather at the base of the leaves. It is a plant filled with dirt, and it is being shipped. You absolutely have to expect some dirt to get displaced and at the bottom of the box. Grab your hose pipe (garden hose) and just spray the leaves off. It’s good to go after that! I’ve honestly made a bigger mess trying to get local plants home from the nursery than the mess that was in the box. This purchase went over and beyond my expectations!

If you have any issues with your Amazon purchase, you can return it just like anything else. Easy day! I hope that you love your plant as much I love mine!


I bought my fiddle leaf fig tree or ficus pandurata from this retailer on Amazon —> Ficus Pandurata in Pot





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