Creating a Farmhouse Style Sign

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Farmhouse style signs have been all the rage for a few years now. There are a lot of different ways to achieve the farmhouse look, but the basic concept is using a white/off white sign with block letters. Often times these signs are framed, and that is the look that I wanted to achieve with my project.

DIY Farmhouse Style Sign Using Canvas.jpg

If you have read any of my other posts, you’ll probably see a theme: I like easy projects! This DIY Farmhouse Style Sign is extremely easy, and the possibilities are endless for your particular design. I knew I wanted a cute sign for the playroom, so I chose the world PLAY for mine. Other popular and fun options are “COFFEE” and “FARMHOUSE” for your kitchen. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose for your home. Go traditional or go crazy!  I even saw one that said “GO PEE” in the bathroom that I thought was hilarious. But I have a funny kind of personality sometimes. 😉

MATERIALS: These are the dimensions that I used for my frame. If your canvas is bigger or smaller, you’ll need to adjust your measurements. Keep in mind the letter size needs to stay in perspective of your overall canvas size. Too small or too big of letters are a no-go.

  • 12×24 canvas Amazon
  • 5 in letters: Mine came from HL. You can also print them! See below.
  • Antique White Acrylic Paint Amazon
  • Black Acrylic Paint:Amazon
  • Jacobean Wood Stain: Amazon
  • 1 x 2 in wood
  • L brackets: Amazon — kind of a pain to find! Add these to your cart.…sting/B0012JQD5Y/ref=as_li_tl


1. Cut and stain your 1×2 in wood. I used Jacobean stain for mine. I love Jacobean! I think it always makes the perfect gray/brown for every farmhouse style project. If you want additional gray in yours, add a layer of  Minwax Classic Gray Stain.

2. Assemble your frame. We used a nail gun, but you could use a hammer and nails easy day for this project. We have this brad nailer, and I can’t say enough amazing things about it. We love it.

3. Prepare your canvas. My canvas is painted Antique White. I dry brushed white and black paint on top to give it some texture and dimension. Another great technique is “painting” your canvas with brewed black tea. Only a tiny bit of tea on the paint brush though. A little goes a long way!

DIY Farmhouse Sign Using a Canvas Magnolia Simple.jpg

4. Paint and glue your letters. My letters are painted using standard black acrylic paint. I also dry brushed some antique white paint onto my letters. This is entirely optional! Glue your letters on using super glue/hot glue/craft glue. My letters are made of paper, so I used regular on Elmer’s Glue. If your letters have any significant weight, you’ll want to use a stronger glue of some sort. Super glue or gorilla glue should do the trick just fine. If you want to cut out your letters, trace them, and paint directly onto your canvas, here are some 5in stencils for you to use completely for free. (I like free!) Click here for the letters you can print.



5. Attach your frame to your canvas. The frame we built was super snug, so we didn’t need to do anything further than slide it on top of the frame. If you have a bit of wiggle room, use the L-brackets listed above to attach them to the frame. Those brackets are always a bit difficult to find, so add them to your Amazon cart and call it a day!

DIY Farmhouse Sign L Brackets.jpg

Adorable Farmhouse Frame completed!

DIY Farmhouse Sign.jpg



Framed Farmhouse Sign Magnolia Simple.jpg

DIY Farmhouse Sign Using Framed Canvas Magnolia Simple.jpg





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