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Y’all, I WISH I had this tutorial for you. My brother built this table last year, and it gets pinned! People email me all the time asking how he built it. I wish I had the instructions for you. Maybe he will sit down and write the instructions out for us!

This is what I know- he would want me to tell you that he covered the tabletop with stainless steel. However, I think the allure of this picture is that it isn’t staged, and it looks like what you’d see in your best friend’s back yard. It looks achievable.

If you have this type of Weber grill, you know that it comes with the axle and wheels, and he used the same axle and wheels on this table. The table is completely movable, which is awesome.

I WILL get the rest of this tutorial! If you’re here looking for it, I wish I had it for you. But you’re welcome to pin this post for your own inspiration. Usually if you’re looking for this type of thing, you have the skills necessary to complete the project and are just looking for something to model it after. This is perfect for you!



I get a lot of questions on how the grill is mounted to the wood table. You absolutely do not want the grill to be touching the wood. As mentioned, this grill tabletop is now completely covered in stainless steel, but it was used perfectly well before it had the stainless steel top. You need to attach the grill to the wood using some sort of bracket. An “L” shaped bracket would work just fine for this project, and you would attach one side to the wood, and the other side to the grill itself. I’d use 3-4 brackets. You’ll have to bend the brackets a little to fit the curved side of the grill.

Something like this would work:

You’re more than welcome to pin this for inspiration! I’d love it if you did. Click on the pic and you should see “pin” pop up.

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  1. Rusty Latham | 24th Jul 17

    Can you just send me a picture of how he mounted the grill to the table?


    • Michelle | 31st Jul 17

      Hi Rusty 🙂 I just updated the post for you. You want to keep the grill away from the wood. You can either make a stainless ring around the wood where you cut the hole, or you can attach 3-4 brackets from the wood to the sides of the grill itself. Hope that helps!

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