Easy Valentine Craft with Free Printable

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I love a semi-homemade craft. Do you ever feel like you work all the time, and yet nothing ever gets done? Well, let me introduce you to these two Valentine’s Day crafts. You’ll love having something done in your home/office/where ever, and it’s SO easy! Most of you are completely capable of so much more, and I realize that. But sometimes you just need some simple inspiration.

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Grab a buddy and head to Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, don’t fret because they have everything that you need online. If you want to buy similar items from Amazon, feel free. I’ll link everything up with Amazon at the bottom.


6×6 Wood Plank with Jute Hanger: Hobby Lobby

Cardinal Red Acrylic Paint, paintbrush

2 inch numbers 1 and 4 : Hobby Lobby

Super glue

Heart print out: click here

1. Cut the heart out of the printout.


2. Tape the heart down, and trace around the heart with a butter knife, or a pen top. 


3. Paint the heart. I used cardinal red acrylic paint.

4. Paint the numbers. I used antique white acrylic paint.

5. Glue the numbers on. And that’s it! 

Reclaimed wood Valentine Craft.jpg

Easy Valentine Craft Magnolia Simple.jpg

Want an even easier idea? Print off this cute heart, and hang it up! Put it on your fridge, in your cubicle, frame it, etc. It looks adorable in a teal blue frame as well! I printed mine in an 8×10 and cut it to fit my frame. Be sure to have your printer set to high resolution printing.

Please click here for the printable file. Two different options, and also a cute screensaver. The printables do not have my name on them.

Free Valentine Printable 2017.jpg

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