Trend Alert: Wood Tones are Back!

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You might have to brace yourselves for this if you are addicted to painting furniture. Sit down if you are feeling the least bit queasy.

Wood tones are back. 

Yes, I actually said that out loud. Me, Michelle, the painter of furniture and cabinets. I’ve been seeing this trend for the last few years, and I can honestly say that I’ve fallen back in love with wood tones. If you’re just now starting your designs with painting all-the-wood-things bold colors, then paint on brothers and sisters. I understand. I was once there as well. But I feel like I should put it out there that wood tones are BACK, and you will be seeing them a lot more in the very near future.

If you’re friends with me, you’ll remember when I purchased this gigantic corner cabinet for $50 from my favorite thrift store. This cabinet is huge, heavy, and at the time, I considered it to be ugly. I wanted that brown gone, gone, gone.


And here she is in all her glory, (photographed by my friend Kelly) a beautiful shade of blue. I loved it. I still do, really. But I’m a little bit less in love with it than I was, which is still a plus for the cabinet because I really loved it when I painted it blue. And for the record, my home was never this clean. This was a staged picture with a smaller table, smaller rug, and basically completely different everything for the sake of selling our home. It’s like the cabinet is playing peek-a-boo with us here. It is quite sassy.


If you’re curious on the color, it is Valspar Gentle Wave.


Another great project that I completed YEARS ago before Pinterest, or social media of any kind existed was painting my great-grandmother’s chifforobe. It was painted in 2003 right when we purchased our first home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We painted an entire bedroom suite for our guest room, and this piece of furniture fit in so nicely with our freshly painted, white furniture.


Do I regret this decision? Well, yes, and no. I have loved having it white, and I still love it white. However, I think I’d love it the dark brown that it was once as well. It’s shocking for me to even make that statement. We’ve moved this piece of furniture all over the country, and it’s back right next door to it’s original home. Don’t be surprised if you see it sanded and restored soon. And bless it, those poor hinges that I painted. Those will also be restored!

And also, those floors. Yes, they’re original to our home, and they were stripped to bare wood and sealed. My husband loves them, and I like them. I’m coming around to it. What about you? What do you think?

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Here are some great examples of natural wood that I’m personally crushing on:

This door would have absolutely been painted a bold color, and distressed in every little crevice with black wax paint. I love it as is with all the natural imperfections.

Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper Pantry

Look at all the wood elements in this living room! Love it.

Fixer Upper Natural Wood.jpg
Fixer Upper

This casual, blue bedroom is gorgeous! Just a few years ago you could easily have seen it paired with bright end tables. I still love bright end tables, don’t get me wrong, but I’m LOVING this new trend as well!

Another great Fixer Upper find!

So all of this to say that wood tones are back in a big way! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Until next time! -m

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