DIY Letter Board

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Letter boards are SO FREAKING ADORABLE! I love them. So last fall, I did what naturally comes to mind for me and searched on Amazon. Wowza. Then I searched on other sites, and double wowza. I didn’t really want to spend that amount of money on something that I knew I could make myself.

So I did that.I made about 5 of these letter boards, and narrowed down the easiest, cheapest, and totally cutest way to achieve the adorable look that everyone loves to display in their homes. I really wanted to create a letter board using as minimal of “fancy” tools as possible. If you have a router, by all means go that route. I wanted my look to be a bit more rustic, and by doing so, it enables a larger majority of you the ability to create a letter board

Super easy to accomplish this craft- you’re basically just wrapping felt onto a wooden dowel and stacking it into the frame.

Follow on for the full DIY tutorial:


Materials Needed: (some are linked at the bottom) 

  • 1in plastic letters: Amazon
  • 1/8in round wooden dowels: Amazon
  • one 1/4in square wooden dowel
  • two 1/2in square wooden dowel
  • Minwax Classic Gray Stain: Amazon
  • staining rags
  • rotary roller: Amazon
  • 6 pieces of black self-adhesive felt
  • Clamps
  • Cardboard
  • Staple gun
  • Wood glue

These directions will make a frame exactly like mine. If you want a larger or smaller frame, adjust all measurements accordingly.

1. Assemble your frame. (You could also purchase a frame from a craft store. Ask the frame associate for a frame with a deep inset. You must have this kind of frame. Don’t just buy a frame- ask for some help if you need it!)  Most hardware stores will have a variety of these dowels in the lumber department. Craft stores also have them, but they will be more expensive there.

measurements for letterboard.jpg

Cut your 1/2in square wooden dowel in two 10in pieces. These pieces are the top and the bottom to your frame.

Cut your 1/2in square wooden dowel in two 8 3/4in pieces. Cut your 1/4in square wooden dowel in two 8 3/4in pieces. These pieces are the side pieces to your frame. Sand your wooden dowel if your piece appears shiny. This helps the staining process.

2. Stain your frame pieces. You will have SIX pieces to stain. Two top parts, and four side parts. I used three coats of Minwax Classic Gray. Let each coat dry in between staining.


3. Glue the sides together and clamp. You are creating a shelf for the dowels to rest on, and the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this is by gluing a 1/4in dowel beside a 1/2in dowel. These are the SIDES to your frame and not the top and bottom.


4. Glue and/or nail the top and bottom to the sides. I do recommend nailing, but patience and a lot of glue will also work. Using a T will help align your sides, but anything with a 90 degree angle will help you. Your frame is done!

frame assembly letter board.jpg

5. Cut your 1/8in round wooden dowels to just a touch past 8 1/2in. My frame needed 38 dowels. Cut one dowel to that size and adjust to your frame. I used tough shears to cut mine. Regular scissors would also work, but don’t use a nice pair!

6. Cut your self-adhesive felt into 1in x 8 1/2in pieces, and wrap each dowel. Ensure that you press the dowel down onto the felt, and roll it back and forth to make sure that the dowel is stuck on there. Make a tight circle with the felt and the dowel. You want the dowel to be wrapped as tightly as possible. I used a rotary cutter for this, and it really made a huge difference. I highly recommend that you use a coupon at a craft store and get yourself one of these! Use this cutter with extreme caution and always lock when not in use– extremely sharp.



7. Stack your wrapped felt into your frame. You want enough wrapped felt pieces to make a tight fit, but too many and the pieces will bubble and pop out. You need enough pieces to make sure the letters stay in place once it’s all assembled.




8. Place cardboard on top of your felt pieces, and staple it to the sides of your frame.


You’re done! Yay!


TIPS: Take the letters and place them on the board and slide them side to side. This helps the letters to grab onto the board easier. If your letters are still falling out, you need to add more dowels.

Have fun with your letterboard! I’d love to see yours. Feel free to use #magnoliasimpleletterboard on Instagram, or tag @magnoliasimple on facebook for me to see it.

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