How to update your facebook profile pic without notifying your friend list


Updating your profile picture will cause your friends to receive a notification, or at minimum, your new picture¬†will show up in their newsfeeds. Maybe you’re a bit shy, or maybe you already overshare on facebook and do not want to draw any additional attention to yourself, or maybe you just don’t want everyone you know on facebook to see that you’ve changed your picture. Whatever your situation is, you’ll be receiving no judgment from me. ūüėČ

Read on for the directions, and I promise it’s easy to do. ¬†I’m going to list it step-by-step, but it’s not complicated at all. I took screen shots of most of the steps, and as you can see, I don’t take myself too seriously in life. Snapchat is hilarious for filters. Social media is fun to me. ūüôā

These directions are from a phone. The directions for a desktop are basically the same.


  • 1. This is the main facebook profile page. Select “post” as you’d ordinarily post a status update, photo, or a video. A menu will pop up asking what you want to post, and you’ll select “photo.”




  • 2. Select the photo from your device that you’d like to change your profile picture to. If you’re changing it back to a picture you’ve already used before, just go ahead and upload the same picture again. Click “done” when you’ve chosen your photo. ¬†From the drop-down menu, select “Only me.” You may have to click “more” to see the full menu of options. Select “done” and then select “post.”

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  • 3. From your main profile page, you will see your photo you just uploaded into your newsfeed, and it will have a gray lock symbol indicating that the picture is set to “only me” and is only visible in your own newsfeed.



  • 4. Click¬†“photos” section¬†from your main profile page. You may have to scroll down a little bit to see this menu. Click “uploads”and you’ll see the photo that you just uploaded. Click on that photo.

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  • 5. In the bottom right of that photo, click “make profile picture.”¬†A popup will display that says¬†“Use as your profile picture? Your profile picture is always public and can be seen by anyone.” ¬†Select OK/USE.

make facebook profile picture.jpg

  • 6. IMMEDIATELY GO TO YOUR MAIN PROFILE PAGE. In your personal newsfeed, you will see a post that says “(Your name) updated his/her profile picture.” (This may take a minute to show up in your newsfeed.) Make sure you’re looking at the status update of where you changed your profile pic and not the post where you uploaded a new picture.

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  • 7. Click the drop down arrow and edit privacy to “only me” and select “done.” Your post will have a gray lock symbol. Your profile picture is now changed and no one will receive a notification. If you do not IMMEDIATELY change this setting, your picture change will be in newsfeeds and notifications. A few friends may still your post in newfeeds if they’re¬†lightening quick and happen to be sitting on facebook while you’re in between Steps 6 and 7. If this really bothers you, change your photo during an off-peak hour.

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Hope this tutorial helps you! Happy facebooking. -m


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