Creating a Sentimental Christmas Tree

I love our Christmas tree this year. Sure it has some bald patches, and maybe even a touch of scoliosis, but it has to be one of my favorite trees of all time. We’ve accumulated so many ornaments over the years, and I’m sure that you have bins upon bins of ornaments as well. My ornaments do have sentimental value to me, but nothing quite like the “ornaments” we created this year for the tree.



There she is, in all her crazy glory. We purchased this tree at night, and as mentioned, she does have some weak points. BUT… this tree is so us— all those ornaments stacked at the bottom placed not so gingerly by little hands..the random items that they thought should go on the tree like the bell…the colored lights. Oh goodness.




Let’s just be honest: this tree is a mess. However, if you crave a mess of a tree and love the sentimental nature of placing pictures from the year on the tree, I have some simple ideas for you to accomplish this fun craft. I saw this idea originally from my friend Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters.  She printed her pictures at home using a nifty printer, but I didn’t quite have enough time to purchase the equipment that she used. I printed mine at Walgreens using the app. If that link doesn’t work for your particular phone, just go to your app store and download the Walgreens app. You can also accomplish all of this on your desktop the exact same way at Walgreens.

Sentimental Christmas Tree Peach Wine Magnolia Simple.jpg
Making peach wine with Poppy


Before I added the pictures into the Walgreens app, I used a super easy app called “instants.” There are a multitude of apps available that will place borders around your pictures. This is just the particular app that I used. It is a free app, and I like free! Once I added the borders around my pictures, I uploaded them into the Walgreens app, and submitted my order. They’re ready within the hour at most stores, and it truly is that easy! Currently, the Walgreens app offers several different options for picture size, and the pictures I used were 4×6. I trimmed the bottom of my pictures.

First day of school!

We used pictures that were of particular importance to us, and this one of the boys was the first day of school this year. It would also be cute if you added the year to the bottom of the pictures! Think about the pictures that you’ve taken over the year and use the ones that make you smile. I attached the pictures using tiny teeny clothes pins that I found at Michael’s Craft Store.

My sweet man! My friend Crystal took these pics- find her at Birds on a Wire Photography.
Sentimental Christmas Tree Henry Magnolia Simple.jpg
He’s such a mess! And he loves his sweet tea. Just like his mama.

I hope you enjoy the season! Merry Christmas! -m






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