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Bath bombs have been exploding the past few years. See what I did there? Exploding. Ha. If you have never seen these luxurious bath products all over the amazing store at the mall (which I won’t name, but you know which store it is- rhymes with BLUSH), let me explain it to you. These “bombs” are made of somewhat common ingredients that you release into the tub for the most relaxing experience ever. Bath bombs are especially nice in the winter months when skin tends to dry out the most. Let me show you how to make them!

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1. Combine wet and dry ingredients together in separate bowls. 


2. SLOWLY add wet ingredients into dry ingredients mixture. Add 1/2 teaspoon of the wet mixture at a time. I found that my hands were the perfect mixing tool. The consistency should be that of barely wet sand. It will not hold together in your bowl. It should still be quite sandy feeling. If you add too much water, your bath bombs won’t form correctly. Less water is vital! Just add a little more corn starch if you add too much water.


Add your food coloring! I used all natural food coloring because we have a very old cast iron tub, and I was concerned about the tub staining. If your tub is newer, you probably won’t have a problem using regular food coloring. Or just omit the this whole step and have white bath bombs. This mixture in this picture needs more dry ingredients added. This was just a tad bit too wet!

3. Pack your molds very tightly. I  made heart shaped bombs using silicone molds, and I also made some using the standard bath bomb molds. If using silicone molds, ensure that the mold is completely dry. I added sprinkles to the top and bottom of mine just for fun. This is entirely optional. The traditional bath bomb molds come in two pieces. Pack both sides as tightly as possible, and then add a little extra to the top and squeeze them together. Gently tap on the sides to release the bath bomb and lay them on wax paper or paper towel to dry. If your bomb falls apart when you try to remove the mold, you need to add a tiny bit more water. A TINY BIT.



These bath molds came with a cute little bag to store them in. Sometimes it’s just the little things in life. 🙂

4. Allow them to dry at least EIGHT hours before using them. You’re done!


I want to go take a bath!

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I LOVE these plastic containers. They’re super thick and really do look like glass. I am probably a bit too clumsy for glass containers in the bathroom, and I’m glad I found some that are nice. Really cute in the kitchen, too. Give them a try! They’re here on Amazon.

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Makes a great gift! -m




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